First Visit

Whether you are coming in for Chiropractic or massage, at Lansdowne Health Centre we strive to make your first visit as comfortable of an experience as possible. Our receptionist will welcome you and request that you complete our required intake forms (or you may print off our forms from the website and complete them before you come in). These forms will give the practitioner important information about your condition and where to begin when performing a thorough history.

The practitioner will spend time asking specific questions about your condition and discuss your current problems and concerns. These questions will help by guiding the practitioner to a better understanding of what the ailment could be and whether or not chiropractic care is the right form of treatment. If it is determined that chiropractic care is not the appropriate method, we can help refer you to another doctor. As always, nothing will be done without your consent.

After the history, and with your consent, the practitioner will conduct a thorough physical examination which may include, but not limited to: testing your range of motion, posture and gait analysis, joint and muscle testing, neurological tests, orthopedic tests, and soft tissue and joint palpation. If needed, the doctor may request for x-rays or refer you for other specific testing. Based on the outcome of the exam, a diagnosis and treatment plan will be formulated and in most cases, an initial treatment will be administered.

Most patients will get relief from the very first treatment! Chiropractic adjustments are gentle enough for kids yet will restore movement and function in the athlete or senior. Our clinic participates in direct billing for many different insurance companies. Talk to our receptionist to see how much you are covered for.