“I’ve been seeing Dr. Kwan for about a year and a half now, mostly for minor injuries related to weight training, but most recently he helped when I almost herniated a disk during the summer.  Small tasks like getting out of bed, coughing and driving were creating a great deal of pain for me. Dr. Kwan was able to treat me efficiently and provide me with strengthening exercises and advice, which got be me basically back to normal within about a month.  I have recommended Dr. Kwan to several of my friends now and they have all found him easy to talk to and helpful.”

Jennifer KAge 33

“I have only good things to say about the chiropractors at Lansdowne Health Centre! I got to know Dr. Lewis after I injured my lower back about a year ago. I had suffered from a similar injury a couple of times previously, and was usually in pain and unable to mobilize for months when it happened. Dr. Lewis had me back moving much faster this time around, and since then I have continued to visit the clinic for maintenance appointments to prevent future injury.   Dr. Kwan has recently taken over my care, and like Dr. Lewis, he is knowledgeable and professional. I really appreciate Dr. Lewis and Dr. Kwan keeping me moving so I can continue to enjoy all the sports and activities I love.”

Karly AAge 28

“Thanks to the team at Lansdowne Health Centre, what were once issues in regards to sleeping comfortably and pain with my golf swing, are now a thing of the past! I look forward to additional assistance in the future from Dr. Kwan!”

Jay GAge 59

“I have been a patient of this centre since the early to mid 90’s. I keep going back due to the professional care I receive. Dr. Kwan has taken the clinic over from Dr. Lewis and I was very apprehensive and skeptical. Dr. Lewis had performed miracles for me. My first appointment with Dr. Kwan was very successful and he has put my sciatic pain to rest. I will definitely go back to Dr. Kwan.”

Avaleen NAge 67

“I am a very active person with a desk job so I am used to getting aches and pains.  Dr. Kwan has not only helped to make me feel better, but he is also keeping me in good working order with proper education and exercises for injury prevention.  I am training for my second Ironman competition and I’m positive everything will go well because of all of Dr. Kwan’s help!”

Paul OAge 28

“When I was looking for the health professional to help me to stop the sudden pain in my neck, shoulder and my right arm – I was truly very lucky to be able to meet Dr. Justin Kwan on my path to help me to restore my painless life.

Dr. Kwan is very knowledgeable.  From day one, he knew exactly what procedure to implement and how to make me feel better and to believe that my arm will be normal again.

Dr. Kwan also talks to his patients, he listened carefully to my complaints – he followed up every step in the process of recovery, make sure the pain would be gone and my arm should fully recover.

I will absolutely recommend Dr. Kwan to everybody who needs help to deal with any discomfort or suffering from the pain occurring in our bodies.

A lucky and grateful patient!”

Margaret JAge 64

“I have been to many chiropractors in my life from my CIS, OHL, and ECHL hockey playing days.  Dr. Kwan has been the only chiropractor to see me on an emergency basis when all other clinics were closed.  He has since been my chiropractor of choice and I highly recommend him!”

Jeff WAge 31

“Dr. Kwan has been treating me ever since he first started as a chiropractor.  He has a gentle technique (and some mean ones) that has always helped me with any issues I’ve had.  I am currently pregnant and he has continually been a great help in managing my aches and pains!”

Tammie KAge 31

“Dr. Kwan is very knowledgeable when it comes to the body and the way it functions.  He is the only chiropractor that I’ve been to that has taken the extra time to send me exercises and videos for me to do at home. This helps tremendously b/c I usually forget how to do the exercises properly after I leave!”

David HAge 32